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How To Write A Brilliant Descriptive Essay Using A Library: Useful Tips

When writing a descriptive essay, you would have a great advantage to have access to a great library. There are many ways a library can help you, for instance:

  • The librarian can show you where good resource materials are located
  • You can browse for a great topic for your paper
  • You can use the library’s resources to research your topic and find ways many other people write descriptions about things
  • You can access how-to manuals for writing descriptive essays
  • You can find examples other students have written

What makes a really great descriptive paper? Knowing the characteristics of this type of essay can help you make sure you don’t leave anything out. There are five steps you can follow to write your paper.

  1. Pre-writing. Take time to write down what you want to describe, and why. Is it a person, place, event, or object? Once you’ve settled on the topic, brainstorm many details about it, thinking from different perspectives. Put some emotion into it. Plan what aspect each paragraph would focus on.
  2. Drafting. Make an outline with your main ideas. Add the subheadings or minor ideas to each paragraph. This outline can really help you when the writing phase begins. As you write down your ideas, make sure you use descriptions involving all the senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and feelings. Some experts say this type of paper should show, not tell. Write in a way the reader can “see” the meadow, can “smell” the peach blossoms and “feel” the velvety fur of the rabbit.
  3. Write and revise your paper. You’ve already got most of the writing done, you just need to tie everything together into a logical order and make sure you have good transitions between paragraphs. Ask yourself some questions as you read through what you’ve read. Does your word choice help the reader experience what you’re describing? Can your reader really appreciate your subject?
  4. The editing stage is important. Watch for style and clarity. Polish up your adjectives and adverbs. Have a friend read through your paper and see if there are spelling or grammar errors you have missed. It’s easy to miss your own mistakes.
  5. Publish or share. You may be required to print out your paper to hand it in, or share it in front of the class.

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