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Where To Look For Original Ideas For A Visual Analysis Essay

Okay, so it is time to crack on and nail that visual analysis essay! The creative papers are always the best in my opinion. However, I totally understand that a lot of students struggle with coming up with original ideas for their project and as a result, can end up turning in mediocre pieces, which yes, you’ve guessed it, inevitably lead to mediocre grades. So, if you want to avoid that particular trap then here are my top tips. First of all the basics:

Before you can fill it full of originality, you need to take care of the basics which are:

  • What was the artist thinking when they came up with their piece of art. What was their state of mind?
  • Were they painting for vanity – or for a wider audience?
  • Unless it is contemporary, then the historical backdrop in which it was created is also very important. You are therefore going to have to do some research to familiarize yourself with the historical aspect.

So, where to next:

Art galleries

Art galleries are a brilliant source of inspiration. Not only do you feel as if you are not doing a jot of work while breezing around them at your leisure, but they are the perfect setting in which to start researching your visual analysis. Since you are looking for originality then I would recommend going to a more obscure or little known gallery rather than say the Tate or any of the really well known ones.

Flea markets

Okay, so these might not be the very first places that you think of. However, since you are going to require text books and flea markets are filled to the rafters with ones that have been long neglected then you are pretty much guaranteed to find something that no-one else is covering! I have found some amazing books at places like this. What’s more you are likely to be able to pick up these little treasures for just a few cents.

The internet

Once you get beyond the first few pages of your Google search you will most likely find yourself in some very interesting territory. Everyone will be looking at page one or two. Dig deep. Follow links. Think of them as breadcrumbs leading you to the Hansel and Gretal of visual art. If you find yourself struggling with this then here is another website that you can check out.

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