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A List Of Good Controversial Essay Topics For College Students

Keep an eye on the news and topical discussions to help identify controversial essays topics If you’re wondering what topics you could use for good controversial essay, then it is advisable to keep an eye on the news and look out for any topical discussions. It may be that the discussions relate to politics, medical matters, ethical matters or a wide range of other subjects.

Think of any issues that are close to your heart that you would like to write about

Another good option is to think that issues that are close to your heart. If you feel strongly about an idea, then consider whether or not there are many others who hold an opposing viewpoint. If society is strongly split on an issue, then this potentially makes for a good controversial essay topic.

Generally, controversial essay topics will often be based around strong views held in society. These may be connected in some way with law and order, or morality, as well as other issues.

Try to avoid a topic simply to be provocative

As tempting as it may be to start writing about an issue because you think it is a provocative topic, it isn’t necessarily the best approach to have. For a start, unless you feel strongly about the topic, then it can be difficult to produce convincing arguments to back up your conclusion. Secondly, if it is obvious that you are only writing it to be provocative, then, whomever reads it may feel that it lacks respect. Essentially, you want the topic that makes a good argument, so that you can write it to the highest of standards in order to get a good grade.

Some examples of controversial essay titles

The following is a list of topics that make for good controversial essays. You can take each statement and then argue for or against it.

  • Abortion should be promoted in an effort to combat population increases
  • Assisted suicide should be made available for prisoners serving long sentences
  • Drugs should be legalised
  • Euthanasia should be made legal
  • There should be tougher restrictions when it comes to gun control in the United States
  • Creationism should be banned from the school curriculum
  • Internet providers should do more to censor content so as to protect minors
  • Circumcision should be made illegal
  • Gay marriage should be made legal
  • Taxes should be placed on unhealthy food so as to help combat the obesity epidemic

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