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A List Of Good Descriptive Essay Topics To Write About

To describe something well requires either an intimate understanding of the thing itself or a greater than average ability to make it up as you go along. The latter comes in handy especially in cases where the thing itself has never happened or at least not to you. Essays that focus on this need to be approached with care. It is all too simple for them to become boring. They may be long and drawn out in places where they should be concise or too brief in the descriptions where they should linger.

Another major issue that such papers face is poor topic selection. There are many ideas that have been recycled so frequently that every last drop of creativity has been leached from them and very little can be gained from further use. You may recognize them immediately but if you don’t read other people’s work regularly it may take more effort. Take a few moments to just browse the titles of a few essays and the similarities should become apparent to you. Avoid the obvious and be a bit more creative.

When you go through the process of picking the right idea to work on, you may come up with a few that look like these:

  1. The first day of being awake after a decade in a coma
  2. Saving the world from the safety of the clouds
  3. Realising that your family has adopted you
  4. The perfect pair of shoes at an unattainable price
  5. Warm cookies fresh from the oven
  6. The most inappropriate Freudian slip made before an unforgiving crowd
  7. Valentine’s day in solitude
  8. The unexpected first laugh of a previously surly baby
  9. A day of survival training in an unfamiliar wilderness
  10. The first words of a foreign language
  11. Five the first five hours after consuming food of questionable integrity
  12. A terrible rash
  13. Popping the question
  14. A magic trick as told by the magician
  15. Life inside an MMORPG
  16. A house made of mud, straw and love
  17. An aggressive hang nail
  18. Discovering gold in a frontier town
  19. Prayer
  20. The last sunset on a battlefield where peace has been declared

Those topics can be used to create very original essays that would be a credit to any students’ body of work.

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