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Thailand And The Impact Of Tourism

Thailand actively participates in regional and international organizations. It created close allies with other ASEAN members. Currently, Thailand took full participation in the international stage. Tourism in Thailand is increasing in the past decades because of political stability and the development of crossroads for air transportation. Due to tourist demand, hotel and retail industries expanded rapidly. Tourism is always considered to be the solution to economic problems. However, there are some who do not want to accept tourism because it has a great negative effect in their country.

The government of Thailand widely accepted Tourism because it plays a big role in the growth of their economy. In the 80’s the government started to promote tourism and invested huge amount of money to fund this industry. It turned out to be the leading source of export revenues and tourism became an influential factor in Thai economy. On the other hand, tourism brought a lot of changes in the economic, environmental, and social area of Thailand. Many uncontrollable problems arise with tourism such as low salary pay for workers, farmers lost their job, rise of prostitution, scarcity of resources, and many more.

Impact of Tourism

Tourism is somehow connected to uncontrolled, unsustainable and development of massed tourism. Tourism is a market and is often controlled by private sectors with a purpose of generating income by marketing experiences. This type of marketing may fail to attain the goals of sustainable tourism. There is also a chance to forget its impact in the environment, culture, and social aspect. Similar to all organizations, unfavorable things may happen, but the extent of the negative impact may be lessened.

Tourism has brought a lot of problems and many people believe that it has been insignificant in their lives and it serves as a detractor on the lives of many residents. It interferes with the people’s way of life and privacy. Overcrowded has been an issue with tourism and many people are not favorable with this.

Building of infrastructures in the best places has become an issue because the beauty of different places was altered. As much as possible, the best places should be preserved. Investors should find another place to build infrastructure that will not interfere with the scenery of the best places.

Tourism brought diverse effects in the socio- cultural of Thailand. The negative impression and behavior towards tourists greatly affected tourism. The negative perception towards tourism slows down the development in Thailand. Some people of Thailand are unfavorable with regards to tourism and these has been very obvious among communities and tourists. The visitors on the other hand, view their visit as a privilege and not a right.

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