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Basic Directions For Those Looking For An Example Of A Synthesis Essay

There are actually a number of different kinds of synthesis essays. To explain broadly, this is the kind of essay where you look for different connections within a subject or topic or various subjects within a given topic and then explain the connections and the conclusion that you draw from them. Yes, it can indeed sound quite confusing but you’ll know exactly what this kind of an essay is once you look at an example of it.

There are some examples and writing help you can find here if you want some assistance with the essay that you are writing.

  • Don’t just write about your opinions: Now, before you begin writing your synthesis essay, be sure to understand that this is not merely an opinion piece; in fact it is far from it. This kind of essay will require you to research the given essay topic and conduct an in-depth analysis of the comparisons you can draw. Just by simply writing what you think about the topic is not enough; you will have to supply your text with enough proof and references as to why you support the essay’s thesis statement or don’t.
  • A logical flow: Another point to remember is that your essay should have a logical flow. For this, you need to construct your essay in a way that makes sense and supports the conclusion that you draw in the end. So, structure your essay with an introduction and a strong conclusion and fill up the body with enough references and logical sequence of comparisons, instead of jumping from one disconnected point to the next.

If you are looking for some basic examples of a synthesis essay, you can gain some idea from the following topics:

  1. Technology is developing faster in this decade as compared to the previous 100 years
  2. Students should be taught how to write academic papers from age 12
  3. Colon Cleansing is an example of a health fad
  4. Popular culture can destroy sophisticated nurturing of intellect
  5. Calorie counting poses a serious health risk
  6. Physical appearance plays a major role in career success
  7. It is more difficult for an adult to learn a new language
  8. Dating websites are the newly arranged marriages
  9. Jane Austen’s writings are anti-feminist
  10. The hero of every story must have his foil

Synthesis Essays can be written on any subject and area of study, but can only be written if there is a strong theory surrounding the paper with enough comparisons that can be made.

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