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Basic Instructions On How To Set Up A Synthesis Essay

This article will give basic instructions on how to set up a synthesis essay. The easiest way to form any type of paper is to understand what it consists of. You must have a good understanding of what should be written and why. Being comfortable with this material will make writing the paper a positive one.

  1. Try something different with this introduction. Write the body of the paper first. Go through and put together all your researched material that supports your theme or question. This will make writing your transitional information on your theme simple to fit in the introduction. It will be harder if you reverse this process.
  2. Create some type of organization on all your sources of research. You should be able to place each section of material in the right order. This will make creating the flow a smooth one. You will use many different types of material easy to separate. Color-code each source by paragraph. You will just need to eliminate any boring information.
  3. Count the number of research subjects studied or read. Pick out the best section of material on each that explains or answers the questions on the theme. These will be used as topic sentences for each paragraph. Use the two strongest topic sentences in the first and last paragraphs. These are the best places to grab the audience’s attention.
  4. Use as many quotes, examples, and stats it takes to make your generalizations of your theme as strong as possible. This is where your organization comes into play again. This will make looking up where you found these different quotes and examples.
  5. You will be using transitional writing skills. This is because of the number of different resource information items studied and read. You should start with the lighter forms of material and work up to the strongest. This will give the sense of a growing eruption of material that will grab the audience’s attention.
  6. The conclusion should not add any new information of any kind. This will only add confusion. You must answer the question if the conclusion feels like it is done. Could you carry on with writing after you stopped? If you get the answers you sre looking for this will mean you have correctly written a conclusion.

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