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The Essentials For Beginner Writers: What Does An Essay Consist Of?

It is so important when you are writing your first essay to have an idea of its components. Every essay consists of similar components and you need to make sure that you add them into your essay. There are some basic rules to follow when writing an essay. The idea is to show you the best way to portray your thoughts on a various subject. The format and components help the reader to understand your ideas. It is a way to organize your ideas in a way that makes it easy for your reader to grasp your main point.

Let’s discuss the major components of an essay. This will give you an idea of the things that you need to think about when you first start writing. This will give beginner writers the essential information that they need to be successful.


Every essay should start out with an introduction that explains the main topic of discussion. It is a great place to give some background information on your topic or define any vocabulary that your reader may need to know in order to understand the rest of the paper. It will also introduce the main idea for you writing the paper. This is the main point that you are trying to prove. It is called a thesis statement. It is the heart of your paper and should tell the reader what your paper is about.

Body Paragraph or Paragraphs

The body paragraph or paragraphs should be the bulk of the paper. Each one of these body paragraphs will explain the thesis. Each could present a different reason why you believe the thesis statement. Every idea should be presented in a different paragraph. Each of these main reasons can have their own paragraph with its own supporting evidence. This is very important. Transitions are important as well. They help the paper flow and let the reader know that the topic is switching. Transitions are phrases or words within a paragraph that creates a bridge from one topic to the next. Some examples are “The first reason”, “the second reason”, and “the third reason”. You should strive to always give at least three reasons to support your thesis statement. Therefore, you should always have at least three body paragraphs.


The last paragraph is your conclusion. It should restate your thesis and wrap your paper up. It is important to include both an introduction and a conclusion in your essay.

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