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8 Points To Consider Writing A Social Media Argumentative Essay

It becomes interesting when two extremely popular entities are placed together. Argumentative essays are well-liked by students and social media keeps climbing incredible charts of popularity by the day.

The essence of social media

A social media argumentative essay is about contesting issues and factions related to Social Media; mainly, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Here are 8 points you should consider while writing such an essay.

The topic – Is Social Media unethically impacting formative minds on pivotal issues?

The points to ponder:

  1. Assess the stretch and extent of Social Media – First, you should course the absolute reach of Social Media and the areas where it takes a peep. This should be the starting point of your essay. Only after mapping its movements can you assess its impact.
  2. Analyze the benefits of Social Media – Go through the benefits of social media; how it has shrunk the world and got people together. How it makes gathering of any knowledge extremely convenient and so on.
  3. …And the harm – You should also gauze the lows of social media; how it makes people addict; how it may use its platform to spread false information.
  4. Place your confirmed assessment – Strike the balance between the highs and lows of social media and infer the outright persona of the entity. Remember that you need to be impartial and unprejudiced while making your assessment.
  5. Its impact on young minds – It is no secret that the youth brigade sticks more towards social media such as Facebook and twitter than the oldies. They are easily bought by the impressively provocative offers and promotions on the circuit. The adolescents may also be taken by the stands that Facebook tends to take on matters.
  6. Its ethicality – Admittedly, social media has too many positives. However, it may pronounce certain unethical measures. Actually, the existence of social media may itself be a vice, since kids are more driven towards it than their studies. Tackle this segment sensitively on the essay.
  7. Offer examples of pivotal issues – There are prominent Facebook communities on women liberation, racism, pornography; political beliefs et al. Kids may get to believe about these issues as to what is stated on these communities, which may be far from the truth. You should probe the scenario with acuity.
  8. Conclusion – Take your own impartial perspective on the topic and accordingly, create a conclusion asserting whether the argument has merit. Remember not to write anything you have not previously mentioned. This will provide the necessary edge to your argumentative essay.

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