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Religion In Hamlet

Hamlet is a play written by William Shakespeare during the early 1600s. The play is a powerful piece that caught the attention of thousands. It shared concepts many people saw as different yet complex and challenging to understand. Hamlet is a character in the play that is put into a unique position when his father is murdered by his brother. The religious aspects of the play are commonly questioned as there are actions in the play that would not line up with a number of religious beliefs. Since this tragedy occurred there are changes noticed in Hamlet that leave readers pondering where religion even fits.

Hamlet is seen by some as a modern teenager. Teenagers of modern society could actually relate to his feelings and thoughts. Some see this character as a teenager that wears all black. He is known to talk to himself while keeping a diary. Now, there are some elements of the play that a teenager would not want to associate themselves with such as murder and incest. But, these elements make the play stand out in an awkward manner. There are Christian elements mentioned that some wonder why they were mentioned among this content to begin with.

Christianity may have beliefs regarding the afterlife and mortality, but most think about this religion when they want to learn more about forgiveness and acceptance. There are elements such as ghosts and things you wouldn’t associate with the afterlife. How would these things connect to religion? It is possible they may not but people have speculated possible theories. It is possible what Hamlet sees before him and how he feels is a reaction to his ideas about what he thinks religion is. Others simply question and what answers as to how this play fits with Christian beliefs (and of course it may not fit at all as said earlier).

What was Shakespeare trying to achieve with this play on religious terms? Few speculate that the play takes Christian values and puts them against things of tragedy (murder, revenge, etc.). It does and an element of complexity and drama that people will continue to debate. There are Christian behaviors toward murder that seem to be played around with in the literature. At the same time it seems it would be hard to forgive anyone after such events outlined in this story.

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