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Quackery is the marketing of unproven or fraudulent medical practices with aim of making profit. Quackery is based on commercialism of the devastating professionalism of the traditional medicines in the market places. Though quackery was a traditional practice, it has persisted even in present time. In every culture, there is a medical tradition.

The swift advancement in technology in twentieth century has bolstered communication all over the world. This has resulted to overwhelming growth of quackery all over the world. In modern quackery forms of marketing, touts such as miraculous sexual improvement and lose of weight has been regularly used.

Effects of Quackery

Historically, quackery mostly targeted the chronically ill and aged group. However, the fact that teens and youths are easily influenced, in modern forms of quackery, they have emerged as the main target for quackery products. Most quackery products such as steroids, breast developer and tanning pills have resulted to negative effects on human health such as breast cancer.

According to the United States Congress, quackery is the most harmful fraud on consumers. Every year, consumers spend billion dollars on questionable medical care. Quackery is illustrated by unproven medical care and false touts which do not essentially involve greed, fraud or pretense. However, the side effects of practice have raised many questions in health fraternity.

War against Quackery

Principles such as consumer protection laws and scientific rationale are the leading issues in fighting quackery. However, more consumer protection laws and principles are highly demanded to curb the harmful effects of quackery.

The health regulatory authorities are failing the consumers by not enforcing the laws adequately, using double standard systems and licensing pseudo medicine. Non-scientific medical attentions such as Acupuncture and homeopathy are accredited in some nations. The lack of the knowledge on complex scientific health in public has made them to trust and rely on quacks. Besides the harmful effects of quackery, it also demoralizes scientific health care and every scientist must oppose it seriously.

The quackery practice has led to serious challenge in scientific health care. Most developed nations have created an agency of the government to regulate and watch the safety of medications on consumers. In United States, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates and oversees the effectiveness of certain medication on public health as well as taking complains from scientists on medicines, vitamins or supplements of nutrition.

Non-governmental and individuals agencies are seriously fighting to curb quackery practices. Several writers have made attempts such as the Evidence-Base Practice (EBP) movement to identify the psychotherapies of quacks. The movement argued that human health practices should depend on empirical study. Anti-quackery websites like Quackwatch has also been established. The information on anti-quackery website is significant to both scientists and consumers.

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