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Three Places Where You Should Look For Proposal Essay Examples

Anyone who is going into a career that requires people to convince customers needs to know how to write a proposal essay. These type of essay requires the writer to convince a reader that a product, idea, or project is worthwhile, useful, and good. This is the ultimate in persuasive writing and is often seen in the worlds of business and finance and occasionally in science and other fields. Since this type of essay is not commonly assigned, there are few examples for students. So, when you need an example of a proposal essay, where do you turn? Here are three possible places to find free proposal essay examples:

  1. Writing tutorial websites. There are more writing tutorial websites than you could ever visit, but not all of them will have examples of proposal essays. You should be able to find them on writing tutorial sites that are designed for college students or for people pursuing degrees in business. Along with samples, they should also explain what to do when you write the different parts of the proposal essays. Some will also have video tutorials along with written instructions.
  2. For-profit writing sites. Opening a for-profit writing business is a good way to make money, especially if your site offers quality examples. The best writing sites will have free examples of essays that their professional writers have crafted. These samples were not sold to customers, but they serve as free advertising so that students can see what they are getting for their money. While you should never turn in an essay you found for free online, you can certainly use the essays for templates to help you with your own paper.
  3. Educational blogs. Along with writing tutorial sites, blogs are excellent places to hunt for essay examples. Today’s bloggers are often professionals who have a skill or certain type of knowledge that they want to share with the world. Since so many people enjoy writing about what they know, writing a blog is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It can also be an easy way to make some extra money, especially if people actually begin to read the blog. You should be able to find several blogs about writing. Those blogs will have samples on the pages, or they will include links to find examples. If you do use a blog, be sure to give the bloggers some recognition for the work by sharing the link on social media sites.

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