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Choosing Top Argument Essay Topics: 12 Great Ideas

An argument essay will allow you to present to your class the issues you are passionate about. Even if you choose to talk about a social or medical problem, this can be a good occasion to get to know new things. The more original your paper will be, the more your professor will appreciate it. There is no right and wrong in this, as long as you respect the general rules of an argumentative essay. This means that you need to bring solid evidence to support your saying and to provide exact data when necessary.

  1. Democracy. There were so many debates, speeches and papers written about this topic. Even if people have a different opinion, most of them agree that democracy is the perfect system for our modern world.
  2. Freedom of religion. A compelling topic that will allow you to present your personal religious beliefs. In some countries, it is not permitted to change your religion or even to possess symbols that could suggest this. This is against human rights, and many lives are destroyed by this barbaric practice.
  3. Discrimination. A sensitive issue that affected many people in modern countries. Ethnic groups are constantly treated differently because of their roots.
  4. Alternative education. There are various types of schools where parents can take their children. Some of them even prefer homeschooling, to have complete control over their child.
  5. Corruption. The damages made by this phenomenon are not just economic. The entire country is suffering when laws are being made in favor of some unjust people.
  6. The benefit of sport. Unfortunately, many people have a sedentary life, and they develop serious medical conditions because of this.
  7. The dangers of smoking. There are active campaigns that are supposed to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use. Many of them are not effective whatsoever.
  8. Depression in teenagers. Some parents consider that this is just a problem specific for their age and do not realize the real impact that this can have on the future of the child.
  9. Noise pollution. This type of infection is present in all the big cities of the world. As innocent it might seem, people are seriously affected by this.
  10. The importance of homework. In the last years, more schools had a no homework policy. However, many people consider that this can be not in the student’s interest.
  11. Globalization. What is happening now in Europe is the perfect example that you can use. Express your point of view related to this issue and bring clear examples.
  12. Vaccination. Since factories are producing new types of vaccines every day, some parents are concerned that these could affect, rather than help their kid.

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