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Problem Solution Essay Topics: A List Of Brand New Ideas

A problem solution essay is a formal paper in which you are expected to describe a problem, explain why it is actually a problem, describe your proposed solution, and provide arguments against any objections to your proposed solution. There are so many problems out there that it may be difficult for you to choose an idea for your essay. However, that’s why we’ve compiled this list of brand new ideas for you to choose from.

  1. Rising allergy rates
  2. Allergy rates are rising alarmingly, certainly in the Western world. How can the worrying matter of increasing rates of allergies be resolved?

  3. Social isolation due to social media
  4. Many people appear to be suffering from social isolation due to the use of social media platforms. How can the disturbing issue of social isolation due to social media be dealt with?

  5. Gangs in prisons
  6. Frighteningly, there are a few exceptionally violent gangs inside prisons. How can the concerning matter of gangs inside prisons be solved?

  7. Rising rates of childhood obesity
  8. There’s no doubt that the rate of childhood obesity is skyrocketing across the globe. How can the distressing trend of increasing childhood obesity rates be effectively dealt with?

  9. Increasing divorce rate
  10. In many countries, divorce rates are climbing, and this leads to the breakdown of family units. How can the matter of rising divorce rates be resolved?

  11. Children and teenagers drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs
  12. Scarily, there are countless children and teenagers who regularly drink alcohol and use illegal drugs. How can this concerning issue of children and teenagers drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs be solved?

  13. Increasing occurrences of computer hacking
  14. More and more regularly, there are reports of computer hacking in the media. How can the issue of increased occurrences of computer hacking be tackled?

  15. Female circumcision
  16. Female circumcision is a horrendous practice that results in the disfigurement and death of countless young girls. How can this distressing matter of female circumcision be resolved?

  17. Human trafficking
  18. Human trafficking is a tragic and terrible burden worldwide. How can the awful matter of human trafficking be dealt with?

  19. Motion sickness
  20. Motion sickness is a dreadful feeling, and it’s very hard to deal with. How can the unpleasant issue of motion sickness be effectively dealt with?

After you’ve read our list of brand new ideas for problem solution essays, you should be able to choose the perfect topic for your own paper.

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