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4 Things To Avoid In A Problem Solution Essay For High School

Essays are classified into various types. Among them, problem solving essays is considered as complicated as well as interesting one. The most interesting thing about these essays is that, majority of the students show good interest in writing it. It helps to develop problem solving skills in students. Students usually get assignments and homework’s on this topic frequently. The basic thing needed for writing a good problem solving essay is to analyze the problems and steps for solving it. The problem should be described well and should be understandable. The reader should get convinced about it. After successful description of the problem you need to provide solutions for it.

One of the main issues that most of the students face is providing more than one solution for a particular problem. This is not the correct way to write a problem solution essay. You need to give an optimum solution for the problem and convince the readers that it is the best solution for it. If there are any objections then you need to refuse it by suitable points. Try to give solutions that work practically. It should be cost effective and easy to implement. Complex solutions will not work as problem solver.

Few tips to avoid mistakes while writing problem solution essay

  • Some students always give solutions without checking laws or rules. They need to check whether their solution obeys rules and laws. If it doesn’t give suitable suggestions to modify or overcome it.
  • If a solution doesn’t work the way you thought, then change the method without changing the core solution. Students need to keep one thing in mind that a solution works in various methods.
  • Always try to give innovative solutions for the problems. Most of the students fail in this area. Conventional problems and problem solving skills does not give a very good impression on your work. Instead of that if you give innovative solutions for the problems, it will create a great impression on the readers.
  • Keep the introduction and outline simple and understandable. Some students try to make it complex. It will create a bad impression for sure.
  • Always seek the help of statistics and tactics. It is the best thing to defend your arguments and convince readers that your solution is the best way to solve the problem.

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