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5 Hints on Using Free Personal Narrative Essay Examples

A personal narrative paper is a great way to share your experiences and feelings with readers. It is also a wonderful way to improve your writing skills. However, writing a personal narrative paper may not be a simple undertaking for some people. Putting readers in the midst of your experiences and letting them live through your experiences requires some creativity. You can however learn to write creative and intriguing essays by reading some narrative essay examples. Here are 5 hints on using free personal narrative essay examples to enhance your writing skills.

Elements of Narrative Essays

Reading some free examples of personal narrative papers will offer you an opportunity to identify and understand the essential elements of narrative papers. Additionally, you get to learn how to seamlessly combine these elements to come up with a great story.

Picking Events

One of the 5 hints on using free personal narrative paper examples is to enhance your creativity and writing skills by learning how to pick events. Personal narrative papers often outline interesting events in your life. These could be failures, changes or realizations in your life, or childhood memories. Reading a couple of free narrative papers will give you an idea of the sort of events in your life that are bound to be interesting to read about.

Learn About the Flow

You may tend to think that the right path for telling a story is from the beginning, but this does not have to be the case. Although, starting from A to Z usually works in most cases, you will learn from reading other personal narrative paper examples that other chronologies also work for some stories. Reading other examples of narrative essays will enable you to understand how you can experiment with other styles like flashback sequences or reflection when writing your own narrative essay.

Determining your Narrator

You can also read free personal narrative paper examples to learn when it is appropriate to write in first person or otherwise. Reading different examples of personal narrative papers will enable you to see how the amount of knowledge you have about an event will influence the way the narrative is delivered.


Reading some free examples of narrative papers also provides you an opportunity to learn how to organize your thoughts when writing about an event. You get a chance to see how to develop a clear introduction that sets the tone for the entire essay. You also get to learn how to ensure the reader understands the purpose of the narrative and how to ensure the reader follows your lead throughout the paper.

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