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A Complete Tutorial on How to Organize an Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay differs from the other types, as you are not arguing or stating your own claim. Rather, you are exploring all the different sides of an argument on the topic. There are three parts to an exploratory essay. These are:

  1. The introduction where you explain the question that will be discussed.
  2. The body, where you inject all the views that have been expressed on the subject.
  3. The closing, where you state your personal response to the topic in question.

We will go a little more into depth regarding each of these parts, so you can create a complete and well-written work that you can be satisfied with.

  1. The introduction-
  2. The introduction should state why the issue is an important one, as well as outline it briefly. Additionally, you could briefly examine issues such as the problem’s causes, who is involved in or affected by the problem as well as a few possible solutions. Also, include a short summary of the research you conducted and the sources you used during your exploration of the issue.

  3. The main body –
  4. The paragraphs that make up the body should go on to talk about the investigative research you performed regarding your problem. The following should be included in these paragraphs:

    • Introducing your source – already briefly mentioned above. This consists of a title, author and what media type was published, as well as the publisher and the publication date. It should also mention why you decided to use it.
    • The key information you were able to find the source, with regards to the problem in question.
    • Why this information is significant and its relevance to the issue.
    • Personal opinion regarding the source. If it affected you in any way, caused a change in perception or even disappointed you.
  5. The Conclusion
  6. In the conclusion, create a brief overview of the previous parts: reiterate the issue that was explored, summarize its possible roots and causes, review the associations and people involved, and bring to light some possible solutions. Be careful not to repeat overly yourself as this will become tedious for the reader. Finally, present your own opinion on the topic and provide supporting statements for what led you to regard these as your beliefs. This is the only part where you state your own case.

Following these guidelines will aid you in being able to create a great exploratory essay. There is no reason you can’t write something you will be proud of and that will be interesting and informative for the reader.

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