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Useful Tips For Writing An Opinion Essay On New Technology

Every now and then, your teacher might require the class to write an opinion essay that showcases your personal opinion about a given topic or object. In this instance, you have been asked to write about a new technology. This means that it is up to you to choose which new technology to write about. Whether you choose to write about the latest household appliance or mobile device, there are certain steps and elements you should take into consideration in order to write an informative and excellent paper.

Listed on this page are useful tips that would help you to write an interesting opinion essay on new technology. Here are the steps and elements that would result to a laudable academic paper. They are as follows:

  • Choose The Object: As far as technology goes, it could be an app, an electronic gadget or mobile device. Make sure you choose an object you would surely love to write about so that you can do great justice to it.
  • Gather Data: You need to collect information that would support your opinion about the chosen technology. Make sure your data is gathered from reputable sources so that you would only have genuine facts in your paper.
  • Acknowledge Existing Opinions: If there are existing arguments or opinions concerning the new technology, it is important that you acknowledge same. You can write, “Several mobile device users have applauded the versatility of Blackberry Bold 5”.
  • Make Transition Statement: Yes, you already agree with what other users of the mobile device have to say but through your essay, you should make a statement that shows your readers how your own opinion adds to what is already said. You can say, “As much as I agree that Bold 5 is great for seamless chatting with friends and loved ones, what I love most about it is that you can send text messages and chat while on call”.
  • Don’t Be Too Sarcastic: This means that instead of writing, “Most mobile devices lack innovative capabilities that makes communication easier”, you can write, “It is not every mobile device that has the capability to allow users chat and text message while on call”.
  • Back It Up With Evidence: If you are saying that due to the versatility of the Bold 5, there has been a tremendous increase in users, make sure to back up such claim with proof. As such, the statements contained in your essay should be factual.

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