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Searching For A Free Essay Checker Online: A List Of Suggestions

In today’s modern age of technology, there are tons of resources for students to improve their essays before handing them in; online essay checkers can highlight errors as simple as misspellings and as advanced as sentence structure. The best part is, many of these services are completely free! It’s a simple step that can really boost your grade, so if you’re thinking of using a free, online essay checker, here are some great ways the find the one that’s right for you.

Do a simple internet search. Start by plugging “essay checker” into your favorite search engine and see where it takes you. Even better, use the phrase “free essay checker”, and put it in quotes, so that you can filter out any paid services.

Are you looking for something that can check for plagiarism? Essay checkers can spot typos, grammatical errors, weak sentences, and even complicated errors like redundancy or wordiness. Some checkers will also scan your paper against content available online to make sure there’s no plagiarism; this can be a great tool if you’re worried about properly citing information or quotes, or if you’re worried your ideas might not be available. Think about what your goals are for the essay checker and choose a service that meets all your needs.

Can it scan your whole document, or just parts at a time? Some essay checkers have word limits that will require you to check your essay one part at a time. Decide if you have the time for this, or if you need to look for an essay checker that can accommodate your whole document at one time.

How fast is it? Time is money, so if an essay checker is going to take multiple hours to complete, you might want to look elsewhere. If you have plenty of time, this won’t be a worry; but, if your paper is due in a matter of hours, look for one of the many quick essay checkers that are available online.

Use multiple checkers. You can only benefit from using many different essay checking websites, so feel free to plug your essay into as many as you like. What one checker might miss, another one could find. Since it’s free, you won’t be losing anything in the process, and you can run multiple checkers simultaneously so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time waiting for results from one at a time.

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