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Obesity Among African American Women In U.S.

Obesity is an issue caused by poor diet and lack of exercise as well as genetic factors. The cases where genetic factors bring about obesity are small in comparison to those cases where improper diet and lack of exercise are the cause. Among the African American female population in the United States the rates of obesity are more prevalent compared to other demographics.

African American females are considered a minority in America and they often reside within minority communities. These communities are typically poorer compared to other demographic groups. As a result African American women in the United States have limited funding with which to buy food. In addition many African American females in America have large families which also require food. When there are not enough hours in the day and there are multiple mouths to feed many families will turn to fast food. The concept of fast food has grown in popularity since its introduction because it offers families a method of dining on a budget and in the car while driving from one appointment to the next. African American females with larger families tend to spend more on fast food because it is easier and cheaper compared to purchasing and preparing food at home.

The food consumed at fast food restaurants is often high in sugar and fat. It is also high in calories. For children and adults it also lacks many of the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy meal. But children are generally more active than adults and their bodies burn off calories at a faster rate. But as they age into adults their bodies begin to slow down. A lack of physical exercise deprives women of their ability to convert the high sugar and fat content into useful energy. Instead women are left eating high fat and high sugar foods while they are sitting in the office or on the road. This means the food is left sitting in the cells. Unused energy in the cells is eventually converted into fat. This fat remains until it is burned off through rigorous physical exercise.

Between the poorer demographics and the poor diet and lack of exercise it seems that African American women in the United States are at a disadvantage. They are unable to make and consume healthy foods and are typically faced with a diminished physical lifestyle. All of this has led to an uptick in obesity among African American women.

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