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A Manual For Composing The Best Narrative Essay

Students have to deal with different types of essays over the span of their academic lives. It must be noted that fictional or narrative pieces delight students more than reflective or expository (factual) pieces.

Here is how you compose a remarkable narrative essay –

The topic – A stitch in time saves nine

  • Start with a redoubtable line – ‘Using discretion before undertaking a serious assignment ensures that you won’t face thorough complications as you progress.’ The first line should spell it out so that the reader understands where your piece is going to head.
  • Create a story – You need to create a personal and poignant story to stitch a wonderful communion with readers. Keep the story relevant with believable characters and an excellent progressive storyline, beset with junctures, knots and unraveling.
  • Believability quotient – While good writers may reach the point even through uncharted stories, it is preferable to actually utilize credible and believable quotients. An effective, if common example is about a student who leaves preparation for exams to the eleventh hour. He faces all the crises in the world when suddenly, he falls ill; the lights go out or something serious happens in the family. It is however better to think of a deep-set and unique story.
  • Friendly style – You should utilize a flowing and smooth writing style in the essay to instantly warm up with readers. You ought to realize that the essay needs to keep interest quotient alive to keep the readers reading.
  • Sequential progression – A narrative comes out better if done sequentially. Readers can then pick up the plums systematically. Use non-linear style only if you have immaculate command over the language.
  • An apt conclusion – Your story is not the be-all and end-all. It may be the mainframe but you also have to emphasize on the auxiliary factors; especially the conclusion. The narrative in your essay should make the expression flow as to how you directly were the victim of the maxim and how it led you to be didactic towards readers.

Here are 10 narrative essay topics for your convenience –

  1. How I ended being a fitness expert
  2. Spare the rod and spoil the child
  3. A period I would like to live in
  4. The importance of being earnest
  5. How the everyman suffers
  6. First impression is the best impression
  7. A happy heart is a hallucinating heart
  8. The treasure chest of my secrets
  9. A train journey that went woefully wrong
  10. A rose and its thorns

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