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Marriage Between Two People Of Any Race

Throughout the years, the government and the church have tried to tell people who they can and cannot marry. First it was black people and white people that could not marry. Eventually, laws were made to allow them to do so in peace. Still people didn’t like it for a long time after it was legalized. Now it is two men and two women that cannot marry in many states. They have to create laws to allow them to marry. They should not need laws to be able to marry the person that they love.

Now interracial marriage is pretty standard and widely accepted by both the government and the church. For a long time however it was forbidden for any interracial couple to even date let alone marry. Back then, it was senseless prejudice that led to these opinions. People were not used to the idea, so they automatically deemed it a bad thing. They thought that if they allowed this then the sanctity of marriage would be tainted, and their ideal picture of marriage would disappear.

These are the same reasons people now use to keep gay couples from being married. It is just prejudice and fear that marriage itself will become meaningless that keeps them from letting people marry whoever they want to. Gay couples have just as much a right to marry straight couples do. They only want the same things that everyone wants, to be happy and share their love with all those who they hold dear in front of the world. They deserve to declare their love just as traditional couples do. Soon these beliefs that gay marriage is bad will be seen as just as absurd as black and white couples are now.

Marriage should be about love and love only between any two people of any race or gender. As long as it is between to consenting adults it should be none of the government's business who we chose to marry or what we do in the privacy of our own homes. If you disapprove of gay marriage, you should simply not marry a gay person, and that should be the extent of their involvement. They should not need laws to allow them to get married because there should not be laws against them getting married. Love should be the only determination in who gets married.

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