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5 Basic Rules For Creating A Literary Essay Title Page

Literary essay are usually done in the citation style called APA format. If your professor doesn’t specifically tell you which format to complete your article in, this is the best one for literary works. Remember that your title page is the first impression you are making about your assignment. Make sure it is professional and done perfectly. You want your professor to get the idea that your entire work is professional and is done as well as your title page so take the time to make this perfect. Make sure you follow the format given by your teacher, but if they don’t have a preference use the following 5 basic rules for completing your title page.

  1. Running head or shortened title and the label is the first thing that appears on the title page. This is presented in the upper left hand of the page flush with the left margin. The font that is recommended in New Times Roman and it should be 12 point font size. Your running head should be all capital letters and you should state that it is the “Running head” and then put the shortened title in all capital letters. Try not to have your shortened title be any more than 50 characters.
  2. Full title of the paper should be in the center of the title page and in the upper half of the page. Every first letter of each major word should be capitalized. Try to not have any more than 12 words in your title. Don’t use any special formatting such as bold, italics or underlining with the title.
  3. The next main part of the title page is your Author name. This should take place centered on the title page and a few lines below the full title of your paper. Use the first name, middle initial, and then last name of the author. If there are two authors separate them by the word “and” but if there are more than two, separate them with commas
  4. The next part of your title page is the School you are affiliated with or the College you are attending. This also should be centered and placed a couple of lines below the Author name.
  5. The last part of the title page can be included if your professor requests. This would be the Author’s note and if you use one of these it should be centered on the lower half of the title page. Again, this is optional and only done if it is requested specifically by your professor.

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