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7 Essay Introduction Examples That Catch The Reader's Attention

If you want to make a good impression then you need to do so at the first opportunity. And when it comes to essay writing, your first impression is created with your introduction. It's so important to get your introduction just right not just because it's an important part of your essay but because it carries the powerful ingredient of expectation. By creating a good essay introduction you stimulate the anticipation of the rear.

So here are seven ideas on how to create a very good essay introduction.

You need to have a hook . The hook is just that, a device that snares a fish when you're fishing and a reader when you're writing. So think very carefully about the hook to make sure that it is the best possible one to land the reader.

By quoting a statistic or a very interesting fact you can always be sure of creating a good essay introduction. Obviously it needs to be related in some way to the topic of your essay but by looking for trivia or something which is interesting and related to your topic you can make a very good impression.

Telling a story is always a good way to capture the attention of an audience. In the case of writing an essay by telling an interesting story or an interesting anecdote you immediately get the reader on side.

It's always good to be able to call on the wisdom of somebody who has status and fame. By using a quotation in your essay introduction you immediately channel relevance and gravitas. You need to choose wisely of course and make sure that the quotation builds a sense of expectation for the remainder of your essay.

One of the best ways to make a powerful introduction to your essay is to kick off with a question . A good example of a challenging question in your introduction could be something like, “If you could be God for just one day, what would you do?”

The thesis statement is the foundation of your essay. It will almost certainly appear in your introduction and in many cases it is the first sentence in an introduction. Spend as much time as possible on the creation and polishing of your thesis statement. Imagine that you are going to build a house in the form of the rest of your essay and your thesis statement is the foundation.

All the above points look to the positive aspect of a good introduction. This final point illustrates the need for you to avoid the negative. For example never include a list of things in your introduction. You want to concentrate on a sole point as explained in your thesis statement. You want to create expectation and encourage the reader to keep reading.

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