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Getting Acquainted With The Basic Essay Format: Tips For Students

What a student needs to consider when writing an essay?

  • The student must understand what the purpose for the essay is.
  • The student has to figure out the best strategy and method to write the essay.
  • The student should take great time and effort to choose the best topic for the essay.
  • They must understand how the teacher would like the essay written and formatted.
  • The student should not be afraid to ask for assistance from their teacher, if cannot write the essay.
  • Has to be enough research done on the topic, that was selected, before begin writing the essay.
  • The student should never turn in the essay without first doing a rough draft of it.
  • The essay should be reviewed by an individual to check for certain kinds of errors like spelling, grammar, and sentence format.

How to properly format a three paragraph essay?

  • The first paragraph is the Introduction which lets the reader know the subject matter, thesis, and important points of the essay.
  • The second paragraph is the Body which provides facts and evidence that will support the writer’s perspective on the topic.
  • The third paragraph is the Conclusion of the essay which reiterates the thesis and main points of the essay.
  • The Conclusion states why the reader should agree with the writer’s perspective on the topic.

How to properly format a five paragraph essay?

  • The Introduction is normally one paragraph long that includes the topic, thesis, and main points to support the subject matter.
  • The Body is three paragraphs in total, whereby, there is a separate paragraph for each main point.
  • The Conclusion is one paragraph and it restates the topic and thesis statement.
  • The Conclusion also summarizes why the reader should like the viewpoint of the writer on the subject matter.

Here are a few tips that a student should consider when writing their essay:

  • Each paragraph of the essay should be no more than three sentences to seven sentences long.
  • If it is a five paragraph essay, each main point should have a separate paragraph.
  • The topic that the student picks for the essay should be convincing and appealing to them and their reader.
  • The writer should not be afraid to ask for help from their teacher, if having difficulty writing the essay.
  • The writing of the essay should be fun to the student and not a heavy burden.

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