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Effective Tips On How To Get A Narrative Essay Example For Free

Like most things, sample essays can be accessed for free with enough patience. Here are some methods you can employ to find narrative essay samples that meet your specific needs:

Ask around

As simplistic this advice sounds, it’s actually quite effective. Ask any of the following:


They tend to hang on to essays that impress them. Narrative essays are so often misunderstood that good examples in this style are even more likely to be kept. One good reason that teachers are likely to lend sample essays is that it raises the level of submissions that they receive and later have to correct.

Students (past and present)

Students in your class are likely to have written the same narrative essay assignments as you. Seek out the ones who scored higher than you and try to convince them to let you see their work. This has the added benefit of potentially allowing you to get suggestions from someone in your age group. Recent former students can also provide this service and they would have completed the entire course of study and thus be able to give more informed advice along with their sample essays.

Perfect Strangers Online

You can reach out to strangers online that have a passion for writing. This can be done through online skill exchanges or just by looking at writing forums to see who seems approachable.

Do a web search

Aside from asking actual people to provide you their own essays, you can find some on your own with a regular web search.

Essay databases

Online essay databases tend to be well stocked with essays of all types including narrative. The quality is more variable than it would be if you’d gotten it handpicked by a person. Still, this method is almost always accessible to you.

Excerpts from books on writing

Web searches tend to provide small excerpts of books. Many writing texts contain essay samples that you can access through this method. These sample essays will be of high enough quality to be published and therefore safe to model your own work after.

Entire open source texts

Many writing text books are old enough to be accessed in their entirety online for free. Check out the narrative essays they contain.

Money isn’t everything and with a little hard work you can get the essay samples you need for free.

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