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Top 27 Unique Expository Essay Writing Prompts for High School

The main purpose of any expository essay is to give some information or explanation, share your experience or knowledge. Here are some prompts of this type of essays:

  1. You think that homework is a very important part of studying. Write a paper describing your attitude.
  2. Cell phones are considered to be both beneficial and harmful to communicating. Write a paper that regards the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones among young people.
  3. With the advancement of technologies there may be a possibility of living longer. Write a paper discussing the pros and cons of living forever.
  4. In the modern world it is essential to know other languages. Present your opinion.
  5. What are the most important skills of a great ruler? Support your view with some historic examples.
  6. The internet has become an indispensible part of our lives. Despite of its usefulness, there are some drawbacks. Write a paper describing the negative side of the internet.
  7. Where do you like to relax? Describe why this place is so special.
  8. Imagine that you can travel anywhere. Describe the place you would like to go first.
  9. Who is your favorite writer? Try to persuade your friends to read a book by this author.
  10. What is the most interesting building you visited? Write its description.
  11. You need to advertise your company as great place to work. Try to persuade people to work there.
  12. There was a scientific competition at your school. Write an article to a magazine describing it.
  13. What is your favorite game? Explain its rules.
  14. Write about a person who changed your life. Explain why he or she was important.
  15. Create a new city. Describe its attractions and special characteristics.
  16. Junk food is harmful for health. Give explanation why it is harmful.
  17. Imagine that you came into a fortune. How would you spend it?
  18. Think of the most important objective you would like to achieve. Why?
  19. Think of a place you have never been to, but would like to visit. Describe it to your friends.
  20. Describe a situation you will always remember.
  21. Think of some important issues in your city that need to be solved. Describe how they affect you.
  22. Describe a well-known politician you would like to talk to. Explain why you chose that person.
  23. Describe your favorite dessert.
  24. Who is the most important person to you? Explain why.
  25. Most people have experienced difficulties in their lives. Write about your experience.
  26. Describe the positive and negative sides of wearing school uniforms.
  27. What is your favorite extra-curricular activity? Describe how you benefit from it.

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