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Should People Be Allowed To Keep Exotic Animals?

There is a growing trend among people—especially teenage boys—to keep exotic animals as pets. These animals can be anything from snakes, jungle spiders, and some species of birds. In many ways, it is easy enough to keep and care for such an animal, but not without keeping it confined in a very small space. Many people are also not educated on how certain animals should be cared for and treated. So what are the limits to keeping exotic animals and how should we approach this trend?

Freedom to roam is as important as food and water

Certain animals were designed to be domesticated and others were not. Exotic, wild animals are not used to being locked in a tank or a cage. They are happiest when roaming free in the jungle or forest and being able to hunt for their food. They are also happier when they have the option to find a mate and fulfil their purpose of procreation.

Ignorance of various species

The worst part about this trend is that most people are unaware of what their exotic pets need. They get told what to feed them and how to arrange their tiny little habitat, but the animals receive no stimulation that can mimic their natural habitat. But then there are those youngsters who obtain these animals as pets and when the novelty wears off, fail to feed and take care of them.

Licensing as a solution

I believe it is important that a licence be applied for before these animals can be kept as pets. That way, people will take them a lot more seriously and also receive the necessary training on how to look after them. These training courses could also give people a sense of how important their responsibilities are to these creatures. I believe that such an obstacle in the way of obtaining a pet will separate those who are serious from those who are just after a cheap thrill.

So when we look at how an exotic animal should live and how they should be cared for, we immediately see that it is not as easy as it seems. Pet shops will sell these creatures to the first person to come in to their stores. I think it should me mandatory to provide serious training first and then to spend a significant amount of money on large confinements so that these creatures can live relatively happy lives.

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