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Advanced Negotiation

Negotiation is a concept that has increasingly gained importance in almost all disciplines. Negotiating effectively in any situation is a skill learned like any other. In a book on ‘advanced negotiation and mediation’, negotiation is defined as the process of communicating among parties with a purpose of reaching an agreement about differing ideas. The professional success of an individual lies on their ability to influence others. In a negotiation, individuals try to show why they support a certain idea against others and in the process the best negotiator influences others to take their ideas.

Advanced negotiation is a multidisciplinary aspect cutting across various disciplines such as sociology, conflict resolution, sales and marketing, and communication among others. For an individual to influence others in a discussion or negotiation, he or she must have adequate negotiation skills. For instance, in a discussion on what should be done to tackle prevailing effects of economic downturn, the ideas presented by the best negotiator are mainly adopted by the panel. Companies are looking for individuals with good negotiation skills who can convince customers to purchase their products and/or services in the market..

Negotiations skills differ in different cultures depending on how the cultures respond to conflicts. The authors borrowed from the face negotiation theory of Stella Ting- Toomey which posits self image as a universal phenomenon that permeates across cultures. Negotiation is situational hence different negotiation skills and strategies are required for different situations. In some cases, reaching an agreement between two or more parties is very complicated and full of liability as several parties are guided by their interests in a negotiation.

The process of negotiating is faced with some challenges which may influence the outcomes. For instance, as explained by the trait theory individuals have different personalities such as open to experience and conscientiousness which influence their negotiation skills. Culture plays a very critical role in negotiations and prior to engaging in a conflict resolution negotiation it is important to understand the cultures of the conflicting parties. Learning negotiation skills and using the best negotiation strategies in a negotiation bring about the best outcomes. Setting goals and objectives prior to negotiation is very crucial.

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