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Why Students Go Online to Buy an Essay – Popular Excuses and Real Reasons

Many essay writing companies exist because of both lazy students and others who have real reasons for why they must buy essays online. Though many supervisors consider using essay writing services as cheating, some students cannot imagine how they could graduate without using such services. Some popular excuses for why students do not submit their papers on time include the following:

  • The PC died.
  • The file that contained an essay was corrupted.
  • A student could not find enough material to develop his or her topic.
  • He or she simply forgot about the assignment.
  • A student was not allowed to work because it was a religious holiday.
  • He or she could not use their credit card to buy an essay online.
  • There was a power outage so it was impossible to work on a paper.
  • A student explains that he or she could not write his or her essay, so he or she needs some help and an extended deadline for the assignment.
  • The printer ran out of ink.
  • Students often tell their supervisors that they had to work during the weekend, so therefore they did not have enough time to finish their essays.

The list provided above is incomplete; supervisors can add tens of reasons why students do nothing and then simply hire professional writers. However, there are some real reasons why essay writing services are helpful. They include:

  • Students have too much work on a regular basis.
  • It is hard to argue that today, students have more homework compared to former students. A homework list may seem endless, so students just want to release some time for extracurricular activities and buy writing assignments online.

  • Many students lack confidence in their writing abilities.
  • Many supervisors do not consider this reason at all, but it is prevalent nonetheless. Students do not receive the assistance they need, so they want someone else to write their papers. As a result, students do not improve their writing skills and end up unable to produce quality work.

  • Deadlines are not flexible.
  • Every student works at a different pace. Some students can write essays in hours, while others need several days to prepare their papers. It is hard to produce high quality work and supervisors require the same deadlines for all, so it is not surprising that many students consider the received deadlines impossible to meet; thus, they seek assignment writing help as soon as they get the tasks. Educators agree that short deadlines are significant reasons for buying essays online.

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