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Who Can Write My Essay For Me For Free: The True Answer

Is there such a thing as a free lunch? How about a free essay? The essay part we can help you with, you are on your own when it comes time to find supper! Here are some ideas for where and who may be able to help you with a free essay:

  • Online Homework Help Sites
  • The internet is home to many things, and this includes thousands of free essay examples. Many educational institutions have established student support services on their websites. There are also sites set up as businesses that are paid for by advertising. However, they can still be a valuable source of free sample papers, topic ideas, and tips to get your essay done quickly.

    It is very common that both of these organizations will have archived essays that you can search and download for free. Sadly they will not be able to provide you with a unique essay that has been created just for you! However reading through the sample essays may inspire you, and save you time doing research and formulating a thesis.

    A few sites offer free “original” essays that are composed using their software programs. You input the subject, length of the essay and a few other pieces of data, and the computer spits out an essay “written” around the parameters that you specified.

    Be very careful of essays produced in this manner. They are rarely original, and often a cut and paste job using other students work. These essays may give you a starting point, and they may be free. They may not pass copyscape, and plagiarism is highly unlikely to impress your course instructor!

  • Essay Writing Services
  • Many writing companies exist to help students write and edit their essays and other coursework. If you want an original, quality paper that has been properly researched, it will cost you dearly. That said, these same firms may allow you to access free samples of essays they have written for previous clients.

  • Your Fellow Students
  • There can be strength in numbers! Is it possible to find other students that are working on similar essays, and doing research related to your own work? It may be wise to approach them to divide up the work that needs to be done, and then share the results. Or consider doing an “essay swap”. If you have already written a paper that may be of use to them, they may be willing to take on some of the writing you need done. Give it a shot!

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