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College-Level Essay Topics Related to Education – 25 Fresh Examples

Choosing a topic for your college essay is as challenging as drafting the paper. In most cases, you are clueless about the idea to explore. You need a fresh idea that will make your work interesting to read and fresh for the academic field. Where do you get the ideas for a captivating paper?

    Course Outline- the course outline indicates the topics you are supposed to study. Depending on the directions given by your teacher, you can choose a topic that relates to the areas you are expected to study. Such a topic will be within the scope of your work and grade. Area of Passion- education is supposed to help you explore the areas you are passionate about. One is the ways to explore your ideas is through essays. Base the paper on a subject that is close to your heart. This will give you insight and strengthen your arguments. Teacher Recommendation- seek the assistance of your teacher in coming up with a good topic for your essay. The teacher understands different areas and can relate them with your strengths and weaknesses. This will enable him to suggest an appropriate topic.

Here is a list of excellent essay topics on education.

  1. Which is the best age to introduce technology to a child?
  2. Is it possible to replace the teacher with technology?
  3. What should parents teach their children?
  4. How should parents relate with teachers in the presence of their children-pupils?
  5. Who commands greater authority in morality between the parent and the teacher?
  6. Should religion form part of social education?
  7. Should parents choose courses for their children?
  8. Are sports men worthy mentors in the education sector?
  9. Should kindergarten teachers be more educated?
  10. Is the quality of education improving or depreciating with technology?
  11. How can technology be used to boast the quality of education?
  12. When is one too old to join grade one?
  13. Should all teachers be from stable families?
  14. Is race a factor in education advancement?
  15. Are educated politicians better in governance?
  16. What should be the qualification of a religious leader?
  17. To what extent is education a factor in social cohesion?
  18. To what level does education begin to lift people out of poverty?
  19. Is entrepreneurship and innovation negating the value of education?
  20. Gender debate in education
  21. The possibility of free education
  22. Should government cap the numbers taking particular courses?
  23. Is education for personal or social use?
  24. How much education is enough?
  25. Do children go to school too early?

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