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Basic Features Of A Winning Essay About Success And Happiness

Success and happiness are wrought in different mold. While you cannot achieve success without labor and an ounce of luck, happiness is a natural entity which can touch even the most abject mendicant.

A distinction is necessary

While writing an essay on success and happiness, you need to make a clear distinction between these two abstract attributes of life. Happiness has a lot to do with peace of mind. When something relieves you of a very imposing stress, happiness is borne out of it.

  • You should also understand the meaning of actual happiness. It is permanent; you cannot confuse it with temporary convivial feeling that you keep getting. Happiness is something that remains with you as an everlasting memory. It is the positive culmination of your dream.
  • Success, meanwhile, has more to do with the mind than the heart. You need to have a dream in mind and then the strategy to realize it. You have to patiently work towards it and keep climbing the rungs one at a time. You cannot achieve it in a hurry.
  • You can also create a frantic story on these two traits where there is a person who has succeeded in life and has everything he wants, but he is not happy. This is because he sacrificed the means of his happiness to gain his success.
  • Compare him with other guy who is eminently happy sleeping on a cot under a thatch roof. He may not be that successful but he has the means to live life like he pleases and his demands are frugal and consistent. He stays true to his limits and doesn’t live in a conceit. He doesn’t believe in creating inordinate tensions in his life. His presence bodes positivity.
  • In the final analysis, you can come out with your own opinion on what is more important in life. Of course, materially speaking; success will always have an upper hand. But isn’t success sought after to gain happiness? In that light, isn’t happiness the ultimate quest of every individual?

The evocative statement

Make sure that your essay is evocative and brings fresh memories and instances in the minds of the reader. It should also propel the reader to think whether he has taken the right steps in his life. He should be made to reflect just what he is chasing in his life.

Write it from your heart and you will almost certainly hit the right notes.

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