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Composing An Essay On How To Improve Yourself As A Person

One of the most common activities your teacher may assign you is writing an essay on how to improve yourself as a person. This occurs at the beginning of the year, during midterms, and after finals. Some business corporations also have this activity as a way to have more motivation to make the work area better. If you are having the blues on how to put all your ideas down, you will find this article handy.

Digging out the Weaknesses

Everyone has a weakness. You can jot down your ideas and choose the ones you feel comfortable about sharing. It may take a little vulnerability, but a lot of people may have had similar experiences and may make encouraging responses to your sharing. Some common weaknesses are:

  • Laziness to start a task
  • Difficulty waking up early
  • Addiction to chocolates and coffee
  • Taking out stress with food
  • Spending little time for leisure

Writing an Anecdote

One great way to start or fill in details in your work is by giving anecdotes or scenarios. For example:

Every morning I wake up and get ready to start my day. But I always seem to wake up at a time when my dorm mate hits the shower first. I find this frustrating because this often eats my time and makes me late for my first class.

These descriptions highlight what you experience and explain your feelings on the given situation. The more you open up, the more people will be able to relate and admire your work.

Determined for Change Statements

When writing a self-improvement essay, you will have to come up with statements that say you are willing to change and how. These are some phrases you might like to use:

  • Next time, I will…
  • By next week, I can start by…
  • Now that I have realized this….
  • I believe now I can…
  • I will begin to…

An essay about how to be a better person in school or at work may be hard because there is also room for improvement. To have a paper that will be both beneficial for you and its readers, consider these tips. A quality paper has good scenarios with rich descriptions that the readers can relate to. They may have similar weaknesses and find you as an inspiration to also find self-improvement. This activity is also a good exercise if you consider writing Motivational books in the future.

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