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Fields Of Fire

Fields Of Fire is a novel that takes place in 1969 during the Vietnam War. It follows a platoon of Marines, the main characters are three marines in this platoon, Will “Senator” Goodrich, Robert E. Lee Hodges, and “Snake.” The three men have to deal with violence, loss, and the effects of war during The Vietnam War. Each one of the main characters is different from the other, they come from different backgrounds and were all enlisted in the same platoon.

Before Senator was enlisted in the Marines, he was attending Harvard and living with his parents. Senator’s father was a lawyer and his mother a homemaker. When all of his friends started to get drafted for the war, they dodged it by escaping to Canada or taking drugs so they would fail the medical exam. Senator didn’t try to dodge it he faced it like a man. He didn’t know what he was in for but both his parents were proud of him for going.

Snake wasn’t drafted like Senator, he signed up all by himself. Snake came from a bad part of town and live with his mother and stepfather. After high school he had various jobs and didn’t have a future plan. Fighting and doing drugs is what he did in his spare time. He was good at fighting but as his mother told him his temper would get him in trouble one day. The day he signed up for the Marines, he got a tattoo that said Death Before Dishonor. He did great in basic training and all of the other men looked up to him for help. This is when he knew this was the career that he was supposed to do.

Hodge enlisted in the Marines because all of his ancestors had fought in different wars. In fact his own father died in a war before he was even born and all he knew of him was the locker that his mother kept with all of his things in it. It was kept in the barn locked but Hodge learned how to open it at a young age and look at all his father’s things. After his mother remarried he didn’t fit in with the new kids and his stepfather but he passed his time visiting his father’s mother every Sunday. Where they talked about him and the war. It was written in his blood to enlist. Each man enlisted for their own reasons but they all came together in the end.

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