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8 Effective Tips For Writing An Essay On Romeo And Juliet

Now, Romeo and Juliet, are two names that are etched in every heart that engenders love. It is a timeless story of two lovers penned by the magisterial Bard. Thus, you need to raise your level a few notches while attempting an essay on the subject.

Here are a few tips that should help you get across the tide –

  1. Infuse passion in writing – It would be an insult to their characters if you wrote in a languid and impersonal way. Passion and wit ought to be in right amount to lend respect to them.
  2. Covering the whole – You should attempt to narrate the inimitable bonding between Romeo and Juliet as well as the manner in which their love remained unfulfilled. Don’t compartmentalize.
  3. Extracting the essence – You should go through the play and seek to extract the underlying connotations that were the habit of Shakespeare. This would render depth to your write-up.
  4. Avoid a suggestive note – Please don’t resort to advising readers to become Romeo and Juliet in their own little way. You will do well have some reservations on that front.
  5. The social scene of the time – The story is Elizabethan in character and so has clear undertones of the social standing. Here, both Capulet and Montague are of almost equal bearing and thus it makes a reference to how even natural love kept an obsequious tab on the social sanctity.
  6. The impatience of love – Had Romeo and Juliet given their relationship some time and thought, they could have come up with better and more positive ideas. In the end, while their love wins; they lose the race.
  7. The enemies of love – You can evocate how every period has had people who oppose something which is innately beautiful. There is this tendency to repudiate a sensational discovery; a pristine idea or an untouched love.
  8. Strength of love – They say that love makes one stronger and a better human being. It certainly reaps strength of character and an unbreakable resolve. You can take that line and accord your essay an exalted platform.

You should ideally write this piece with a fresh mind and in an amiable environment. You will be better-turned to appreciate the vagaries of their untamed love. We are generally so clouded by the visions of the practical world that we fail to accept the generosity and greatness of selflessness. Romeo and Juliet is an epitome of that attribute.

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