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What To Write In Your Cause And Effect Essay On The Internet Addiction 

If you are writing a cause and effect essay on internet addiction, you need to find supporting evidence to make each of your points acceptable. This is done through finding supporting evidence for each of your main points.

When you look for supporting evidence you want to find things such as expert witness quotes, or quotes from a professional in the field, as well as statistics or the findings of empirical literature reviews, or any other type of data. When you do this you should not only right down the corresponding data but also write down the reference material. It may not seem important right now but when you are done with your paper and putting together the finishing touches you will be very grateful that your final graphics step is halfway completed for you.

  • If you have notes write down the page number and the book from which your notes came. This is particularly important if you photocopy anything at the library. Some students will photocopy the key relevant pages from a book or journal magazine but they will neglect to photocopy the front title page or the relevant bibliographic information which only leads them to throw out the supporting information they have.
  • After you have completed the research portion of your project it is now time for you to begin crafting your outline. The outline is an important part of your project because with a good outline you will have a good finished product.

The outline can be created however you see fit. The outline should be very personalized such that it fits your creative style. Traditional outlines will incorporates or letters associated with each heading and subheading. The purpose of the outline is to make sure that each of your paragraphs contains one idea and one of you only and all supporting evidence for that idea. When you create your outline you want to make sure that each paragraph has the same amount of evidence. If you review the information that you have upon completing your outline and you see that two of your main paragraphs contain four pieces of evidence but one of your main paragraph only contains two then you should seek to remedy this by either adding two more pieces of evidence to be one paragraph or reducing it so that it fits with other existing paragraphs.

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