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A Beginner's Guide To Academic Writing: How To Write A Decent Essay

No matter what type of essay you are assigned, the general template and requirements will be quite similar. By following these rules including all of the necessary components, students can handle any writing task.

    Every paper that you write will contain introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of this work in tandem with the other components to create a comprehensive paper.

    The introduction works in conjunction with the conclusion to frame your argument. The introduction is where you must hook the attention of the reader, and give them a roadmap that will outline exactly what they are to stumble upon within the body of your text. With the proper introduction, the reader will know exactly what your topic will be, what points of evidence you were going to present, and why it is important. The introduction is also what houses your thesis statement. This is what creates the core of your argument. The thesis statement can be listed at the beginning or the end of the introductory paragraph, but student should avoid allowing it to become lost in the middle. While the introduction is in fact the first component of the paper, it does not have to be written first. Far too many students are under the incorrect impression that the introductory paragraph is the first thing they must write, and upon starting the final writers block is taking hold an account progress because they do not have an introductory paragraph. But the introduction is often best preserved for last. Once you have the body and you know exactly what evidence you will be presenting, you can craft a more comprehensive introductory paragraph.

    The body is where you present your main ideas each paragraph in the body should constitute one core idea. The core idea should be explained as the topic sentence, or the first sentence, of each paragraph. The subsequent sentences within the paragraph should provide supporting evidence and sources to document your idea. Each of the body paragraphs should transition into the next with a transitional statement of the final sentence in the paragraph.

    The conclusion is the final part of any paper. The conclusion summarizes what information you've presented with the body in much the same step-by-step fashion as your introduction. There should be one sentence for each of the body paragraphs. However, it is not simply a rewrite of the introduction so much as a summary of the introduction with the new evidence you presented in mind.

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