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Creating A Comparative Essay From Scratch: Advice For Students

To write a comparative essay is almost impossible if you do not know how to choose the topic. You are supposed to compare two elements, but how can you do this when they have absolutely nothing in common? For example, if you want to discuss about a phone and an apple in your essay, it will be very hard to find any similarity. This is why you have to find the right topic before you even think about writing. It will take a few days, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. Take a look at these advices to know how to write your essay:

  • Discuss with your professor about the topic. You might think that it is appropriate, but it’s worth getting a second opinion. His feedback is valuable all the time, and if he tells you that the subject is not okay, don’t take it personal. He is just trying to help you create the best composition.
  • Create an outline. While writing, you will be required to emphasize the differences and similarities between the two elements. To be sure that you do not miss anything, create an outline that will serve as a structure. Besides, your teacher will appreciate your dedication and the fact that you are adding optional elements. Divide the content in several chapters, and pick a relevant title for every chapter.
  • Write the first draft. At this point, you don’t have to worry about mistakes or grammar errors. You will just write the raw information, emphasizing the most obvious similarities or differences. You can arrange them however you want, but be sure that your paper will look professional. Don’t just write similarities in random way, because your essay will seem chaotic.
  • Edit and correct. This is the most time consuming part. At this stage you will be able to introduce all the details that you ignore at the previous stage. You can analyze carefully every paragraph and see if it needs to be corrected. After this part is done, you must correct the grammar and punctuation. It is a great risk to make mistakes while writing, because you pay attention to the content, not to every punctuation sign. When you think that your composition is complete, you can ask for feedback from your professor or classmates. They will notice any mistake that you missed and you will have the chance to correct it before you submit your essay.

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