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How To Come Up With Analysis Essay Topic: 20 Original Suggestions

They fall under two categories: where you choose your own topic and where its selected for you. The subject you choose will prove the success of your analysis essay. Selecting a subject basically involves two factors: what you know and that which you desire to know. Here are tips that will help you in making your choice:

  1. Form a group that will help in brainstorming possible subject ideas.
  2. Study various samples and try to figure out possible subjects.
  3. Choose a field that interests you and narrow down to a specific subject.
  4. Be sure of your purpose: do you want to inform people on what you know or what you also desire to know?
  5. Brainstorm ideas from different sources such as books, articles, magazines and even people's testimonials.
  6. Choose what is not popular among other group of students.
  7. Examine different circumstances: look at the possible and impossible, past, present or future.
  8. Look at current statistics, laws and authorities. Example, what are the legal requirements and procedures for attaining a license?
  9. Frequently, compose a list of ideas then finally choose on the best to write about.
  10. Choose that which is in relation to your field of experience.
  11. Seek assistance from your professor, mentors or experts in a certain sector like the medical field.
  12. Online resources such as eHow, Wikipedia and digital journals from sites such as The Guardian.
  13. Consider your long term goals.
  14. Consider an area that suits you depending on your abilities.
  15. Identify a gap in a specific field. The presence of this gap means that this area has never been looked into.
  16. You may choose to focus on what interests your tutor or professor.
  17. Decide on the area you want to base your essay on. It could include an argument, a fact, a certain industry or a book.
  18. Mind-map different ideas.
  19. Select a subject that you have knowledge of. This will help you include a lot of details.
  20. It should be relevant to the given question.

The above tips will typically lessen your work. In addition, it is good to note that the topic you select should be specific. This is because it will be difficult to analyse a general subject. For example, the tourism sector; you need to narrow down to something as, illegal poaching of wild animals.

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