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Clear Instructions For Writing A Winning 350-Word College Essay

Take heart that there are always ways in which you can find assistance on clear instructions for writing a winning 350-word college essay. Most of you are already working on longer, standard length papers (usually 750 words at the undergraduate level, longer at senior level) but there are occasions when a shorter written statement is sought by your lecturers. This short article guides you briefly on how you can expect to cope when you have found help with writing such a short essay (sometimes at short notice), further aiming to help you achieve (realistically) a minimum of B-plus.

Practice and stick to the rules provided

Make an early mental note that just because the paper is short does not mean that you will be able to deviate from the academic conventions and rules required of you. Also, note that to write that winning essay, you still need to work beyond what is usually required of you. Your first clear instruction toward achieving this standard of excellence is to practice.

Exercises will be given

Practice writing is not a once-off exercise. Apart from preparing this short paper, it should be an ongoing practice throughout your college life and hopefully beyond that. For this highlighted exercise, you can begin practice writing right now. This will be an enjoyable process of what is known as free writing in which you explore the early thoughts you may have in response to the assignment question or set proposal from your lecturer. Mind-mapping exercises should also form part of this process.

What other recommendations will be given

Try and do enough reading and research before you begin drafting your short paper. You can make this process a little easier for yourself by creating a short reading list of no more than four titles (to respond coherently and directly with the instruction for a short statement). This way there is less chance of you venturing off topic. Preparing and writing the final paper still requires care but, fortunately, the exercise is made a little easier given the need to provide readers with short sentences and paragraphs. Remember that you still need to include an introduction and conclusion.

This short article has guided you briefly on what you can expect to gain regarding assistance for writing a short paper by providing some clear and easy to follow instructions.

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